Do not forget history

I wonder if some people actually know that history exists.
One such case is the achievement of the Hockey team.

Let there be no doubt that we are all proud and happy that they did well in the World League Semis in London where they finished fourth.

But to keep on harping that they made it to the World Cup on ” merit” is undermining the achievements of the past.

For those who are not aware or chose to be unaware, Malaysia qualified in merit several times before.

For example the 1982 World Cup, the team made it through the Inter Continental Cup in 1981.

Again for those who do not understand the qualification process, the Inter Continental Cup was the qualification process for 6 teams minus the regional champions and the hosts. So it’s equal or not more difficult then the current process.

Malaysia failed to get past the Inter Continental Cup after that and it was 16 years later, in 1997 that we hosted the World Cup Qualifiers at the Bukit Jalil Stadium ( the first major tournament held there) and we made it to the top 6 to qualify for the 1998 Utrecht World Cup,

That may I remind readers was also on merit.

Next was the 2013 World League Semis that was held in Johor Baru.

The team finished fifth and made it on merit to the 2014 Hague World Cup.

So as a reminder, do not play down the achievements of the past just because one lacks knowledge of it.

This present team deserves the accolades but at the same time it’s pertinent to remember the 2018 World Cup is a 16 team affair, same as the 2002 World Cup we hosted.

And as a reminder we finished 4th in the 1975 World Cup and second in the 1998 Commonwealth Games and a silver in the 2010 Asian Games.

Those are still the best achievements of Malaysian Hockey besides finishing fourth in the 1979, 1982 and 2013 Junior World Cups.

Those were merit achievements, please remember when reporting or talking about Hockey.