Do the right thing OCM

Two wrongs do not make it right.

And that is what the Executive Board of the Olympic Council of Malaysia must realise and rectify,

There was a blatant disregard of the OCM constitution in the past but after being highlighted by this Blag, the lackadaisical or in other words the today apa attitude by the leadership is appalling.

Not a whimper of regret was forthcoming as the provisions in the constitution were completely ignored perhaps due to wrongful advice by some quarters.

Just how many of the elected Board Members actually sat down and read the constitution? From the looks of things – none.

The issue is simple – based on the constitution the composition of the Executive Board is wrong, meaning ultra vires of the constitution.

Hence the EB needs to correct this at their meeting on Tuesday, August 7, failing which it is clear that upholding the constitution is never their responsibility hence how can we respect those who deliberately cast aside rules and regulations that are supposed to uphold?

For starters kindly remove the Director of the Olympic Academy and replace with another person as provided in the constitution where it is a stand alone position and not reserved for a current office bearer of the EB.

Next is the appointment of four independent members, one each from Sabah and Sarawak.

And more importantly the list of sub committee members must be vetted once again, there should be representations from the National sports associations and not like some committees where one wants to form a” mini EB” by having whose Who to sit in the Committee si as to show off .

Why on earth is the Sports Commissioner a member of a sub committee when her role is to endure that the regulations of the sports act are adhered to. Might as well make her the president of a national body then. This is clearly ab act of conflict of interest.

Then we have the director of sports, in the Ministry of Education as a member of a sub committee when he is by virtue of his position a member of the EB.

Another interesting factor is the Athletes Commission . Are the athletes picking their representatives or solely decided by the OCM President?

Was there not a call to have ex Athletes play a more major role in OCM?

Hence it’s time to elect who should represent the athletes through an electoral process that is properly done.

The onus is on the OCM Board members to put right what was wrong in the past.

Although two wright brothers build the first plane. It does not mean to rights correct a wrong.