If the truth is twisted, then what follows is a litany of half truths and appearance of sinking holes.

Right from from the onset, the participation of Harimau Muda in the Slovak league was riddled with more questions then answers.

So now add another chapter to the drama as the three coaches of the team are under investigation, suspended indefinitely as FAM try to uncover what semblance of truth that remains.

A five hour Technical Committee meeting today failed to provide answers, opting to shift the decision to another committee, the National Team Management Committee.

It is ironic as one sub- committee is shifting the decision making to another sub- committee.

If it was under the purview of the Nat Team Mgmt Committee, then why was this issue referred to the Technical Committee?

Who misled the esteemed members of this committee who were told after hearing out the three coaches that they do not have the power to hire or fire and that lies with the other committee, since it’s chaired by HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah as President of FAM.

So was the five hours a complete waste of time since some members revealed no discussions on possible replacements never transpired but this was told to the members of the media later.

If it’s a case of indiscipline then the right committee should be the DB.

More later as facts are being gathered.