It seems that either all major dailies do not understand English or the personality making statements for the Badminton Association of Malaysia seems to be speaking Manglish.

For how would one understand the statement with regards to the non inclusion of World and Asian Youth Champion Zulfadli Zulkifli from the Thomas Cup training squad.

On one hands he claims that Zulfadli should join BAM if he wants to be part of the Thomas Cup training squad. And while it is not alright for Zulfadli who is attached to KLRC, it is perfectly okay for Hafiz Hashim, also a KLRC player, to join the squad in training despite still bring with the club.

Does this make sense or is it holding a poor boy at ransom and telling him that you will not be considered for a national assignment until you ditch your club.

That brings the question as to why is BAM hell bent of trying to get Zulfadli to leave BAM. They tried all kind of ways and have now resorted to bullying an 18 year old.

What kind of message is BAM sending? That as long as you are not with them you cannot don national colors.

We shall now have to resort to looking at the constitution to resolve this issue and maybe the Sports Minister and NSC Director General may have to look at the role of BAM again.

But one thing is clear, BAM are being run like a mob and has anything really changed as they deny a poor Malay boy his rights to don the colors of his beloved country.

Meritocracy is a taboo word within BAM and if he has any dignity left after creating so many blunders perhaps it’s time to atone.

After all the former Secretary was fair in all such matters.