DS Reezal should let Shapawi complete his Grand Slam

Many may have missed this as the current Director General of National Sports Council Dato Ahmad Shapawi Ismail is on the verge of history.

Having served as the Sports Commissioner, National Sports Institute Director and currently the DG of NSC, Shapawi just needs one more position to complete a grand slam.

For those who might not know, a Grand Slam is when a tennis player wins three top notch Open titles and the Wimbledon or a golfer winning four Major titles in one calendar year.

So Shapawi has now served three agencies under the Ministry of Youth & Sports and will create history if given the opportunity to helm one more agency before his retirement.

And YB Reezal could well help Shapawi write another chapter in is sacrifices for the nation in the field if sports.

For the past 22 years the nation has been struggling with the poor pitch conditions at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil.

Many of a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer have come and gone, but yo no avail as the pitch remains a thorn in the flesh.

It is a kind of a Bermuda Triangle Mystery as the pitch has been ripped apart many a time.

So with there being a vacancy for the Chief Executive Position at the Stadium Board, what better time but yo send Shapawi to save the day.

With his experience of gaining his qualification at the then Universiti Pertanian Malaysia ( now known as University Putra Malaysia) there is no doubt that Shapawi will be able to resolve one of our nations biggest sports mysteries.

And he will also be remembered as the first Grand Slam Top Sports Official in the country.

Accolades will pour in as well as no shortage of Writers to pen at the least a coffee table book on Shapawi.

What say you DS Reezal, do not deny him the ecstasy just at the finishing tape.

Make his dream come true, and the sports fraternity will ever be grateful at his new position.