Tan Sri Elyas Omar was undoubtedly the man of the hour in 1992 at the Stadium Negara when Malaysia won the Thomas Cup.
But on January 15 this year, the man who came up with the plan to ensure the Thomas Cup made its way to Malaysian shores was virtually snubbed when the heroes of yesteryear of Malaysian badminton were given recognition at a gala dinner at a leading hotel after the Malaysian Open.
The fact that he was not seated on a VIP table was understandable, but not even one word was mentioned about Elyas during any of the speeches somewhat left a sour taste.
Why was it so difficult for BAN to acknowledge the man responsible for the success when all the players from the team were given due recognition and invited on stage to receive a momento?
I was not invited but was informed that Elyas , who was in a wheelchair, felt slighted at the treatment dished out.
Guess that is the way past officials are recognized these days, with a snub.