Even the National Sports Institute photographer was denied accreditation by the BAM General Manager. Mind you NSI provides medical personnel for the event and the photographer was to take pictures of staff at work.

Guess Malaysians are not important to BAM as the foreigners are given accreditation without batting an eyelid. And we thought we were given independence in 1957 but there are still that colonise us, sadly its Malaysians who are doing it.
Guess when the Badminton Association of Malaysia wants to flex their muscles, they even ignore personalities that they were chasing after just weeks ago.
Lt. Col (R) Wong Ah Jit was touted as the next High Performance Director for BAM, with two head honchos of BAM actively pursuing to seek his services.
But when the Malaysian Open got underway, AJ as he is affectionately known, was not given given an invite nor accreditation to view the action at Stadium Putra.
AJ was seeing in the line purchasing tickets outside the Stadium Putra today (Wednesday). But he clarified that he was trying to buy tickets for friends who wanted to see the finals on Sunday.
However he confirmed that BAM had not invited him nor given him a pass to enter the venue and only his official uniform did the trick for him today.
Guess its a case of being used and dumped when BAM desire….