Though the BAM President Nadzmi Salleh may have denied it, BAC President Katsuto Mommi believes that his so called ouster was engineered in relation to the BWF Presidential election.

And he voiced his disdain at Nadzmi in describing him as a dictator.

“Firstly I want to ask Nadzmi if he knows what that word means. This is because neither he nor any BAM official has raised any displeasure as to how BAC has been run for the past two years,” said Katsuto when contacted in Japan.

“I have met Nadzmi several times and not once has he voiced his displeasure at how affairs were conducted in BAC.

“Now he makes statements to say I am a dictator. Does he realise that the commercial value in BAC was only USD70,000 when I took over and today it’s worth USD700,000.

“I believe this move to remove me has everything to do with the forthcoming BWF elections.”

Katsuto added that the BAC had already scheduled an AGM on April 21 on Taiwan so any motion of such should have been tabled there as it was a scheduled meeting.

“Why the rush to convene an EGM within ten days and not wait for the AGM?,” questioned Katsuto who has sent an email to all members of BAC seeking the resignation of the BAC Secretary.

“Another factor is that why was the requisition for the EGM made on a sheet of paper and not on the letterheads of the respective national badminton associations. This adds to the conspiracy factor.”

Katsuto also said that he was perplexed that statements made in Malaysian newspapers saying that BAM convened a meeting last Friday to decide on the motion.

“It’s really funny as Nadzmi had signed the call for the EGM on February 24 but only two days before the illegal EGM did the BA of Malaysia endorse it,”said Katsuto who said that the BWF will be informed of the developments.

“I believe this matter is in the Malaysian court and a hearing is scheduled for April 11 in Kuala Lumpur,” revealed Katsuto.

“I will not jump the gun and let the due process of the law take place. As for Nadzmi and his sincerity, I leave it to all to decide.”