Exclusive: KJ to make a return to sports

Former Youth & Sports Minister Khairy Jamaludin is making a return to sports.

The current Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation will be contesting for a position in the Negeri Sembilan Cycling Association at their Annual General Meeting this Saturday.

This will be his first step towards a more significant role in Malaysian cycling.

In a exclusive revelation to this site, KJ as he is often known as, confirmed his desire to serve the state Cycling body.

“Yes I will be at the AGM this Saturday and hope to get the support,” revealed KJ in a Whatsapp message.

“I’m joining NS and want to be active in MNCF.,” was all he revealed about f his plans.

The enthusiastic, vibrant and sports loving Rembau Member of Parliament is often seen on his cycle, even riding for the recent by – elections to Slim.

KJ was responsible for setting up the Junior Cycling Malaysia, a development program for Cycling that actively promotes and organisers cycling events for the youngsters.

In 2016, KJ initiated the Podium Program after having successfully initiated the National Football Development Program..

Khairy started his foray into sports in 2005 when he introduced the MyTeam concept that went on a nation wide talent scouting drive, from being a TV reality show to anticipating in the professional M-League Premier Division in 2007 and gaining promotion to Super League in 2008.

KJ was also elected unopposed as the Football Association of Malaysia Deputy President for the term 2007 – 2010.

There is no doubt that KJ will be of extreme help to the Negri Sembilan Cycling Association.

His aura, drive and ability to innovate things in sports is testimony of his ability to serve well in any sports body he opts to serve.

And NS Cycling can count themselves fortunate that KJ is prepared to serve then at state level unlike many who only opt for federal level positions..

It will be an exciting time for Cycling in NS and Malaysia as KJ starts pedalling towards a more significant role from the bottom.