Exclusive ; Msian Athlete could lose Gold Coast Medal due to doping

The zero doping policy that Malaysia was hoping for at the Commonwealth Games was marred as one athlete was tested positive for a banned substance.

The athlete won a bronze medal at Gold Coast and now could well lose the medal.

It is learnt that the athlete was tested before the Games but the result only arrived after the completion of the Games, stating that he was positive for a banned substance.

Officials from Adamas, ISN, Podium, NSC and OCM have been tight lipped over the matter.

It is left to be seen when a formal announcement will be made by the relevant authorities.

It is believed that the national association has been informed of the result of the doping infringement and the onus is on them to make the announcement.

There are several questions that arise from this doping violation and the affected parties need to get to the bottom of the matter.