FA Cup Final: Will Ticket’s be sold in Klang Valley?

With the FA Cup Final 10 days away, the battle for tickets has began.

The two finalists, Kedah and Perak received 30,000 tickets each to be sold to their fans in the respective states.

The capacity of the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil is 88,000.

So there are still another 28,000 tickets and at least 20,000 ought to be sold at the stadium a day or two before the final on July 27.

However there have been no announcement with regarding to any sales if tickets in the Klang Valley.

Which leads to one question – are there any online sales and are there any physical sakes of tickets?

There is a lesson to be learnt from the AFF Suzuki Cup where there were more then 88,000 fans and although an investigation was launched, there has been no update what so ever from the FAM Secretary General since December last year.

Rather then sweep matters under the carpet, the weakness must be identified and corrected,

Are we going to wait for a disaster to happen before we act?

So MFL needs to make the necessary clarifications. Since they always use the tagline that football belongs to the people, then be transparent and reveal how many tickets will be sold and how many to be issued free.

PS: Kindly do not ask me for any tickets, I am persona non grate both at FAM and MFL.