Failed in All Matters

Once again FAM is in the news for all the wrong reasons. And you will not be surprised that they do not have to make much effort to be ridiculed for the decisions they make.

Year in and year out there has been theories on how FAM will bend backward to save a particular affiliate and the decision made by the FAM Exco yesterday further cements that it no longer is a theory but reality.

By leaving Harimau Muda in the Premier League, FAM has done justice to a state that did not deserve to gain promotion, so why bother having a M-League in the first place we wonder.

Who cares about development, and if the NSC has guts, then they should withdraw funding for the Harimau Muda team as FAM cannot keep their word.

Right from the start of the so-called clean-up by FAM, there was no doubt that it will merely be a hog wash and the only thing true to form in FAM is its ability to further inflict damage on its reputation by making decisions that even confound their strongest of supporters.

FAM has banned its women’s team from participating internationally when they could not even handle an issue affecting the team where players were threatened with action by a senior FAM official when they went crying to FAM after four players were physically abused by a team official.

The joke is on you FAM as only a week ago your Competitions Committee said that they will back the state affiliate who may well be hauled up by FIFA for none payment of salaries to a foreign player.

If the Players Status Committee which made the decision to punish the affiliate by awarding dues to the foreign player, has any dignity, then the members should resign.

A sub-committee over-ruling the decision of another sub-committee and preapring to take FIFA on, wow, someguts they have when they could not even stick to their own stand.