FAM: a vain attempt to portray a good image

The easy way out.

That best describes the attitude of the Football Association of Malaysia on two key matters that occurred this week.

And it makes one wonder – do those running Football in this country competent ?

First we take the hue and cry on Selangor’s plan to start training on June 9.

They were legitimately well within their right. The Selangor FA had drawn up a Standard Operating Procedure which was second to none.

They were no breaching any regulation set out by the National Security Council or the Ministry of Health.

All Selangor was trying to do was gave a regimented training for a group of not exceeding 8 players and two officials.

Any group of not exceeding 10 can do activities together, as long as they do not breach any regulations pertaining to social distancing, contact and being in a confined area.

This is a Football field for heaven sake not a building like Wisma FAM,

SK why did this become a big issue?

Simply because they were Selangor .

And they took the initiative and trouble to get down to doing work while those at FAM and MFL continued their hibernation and chest thumping that we pen Football in this country.

If FAM and MFL we’re responsible enough and proactive, there would have been no need to sensationalism this matter.

For that Teo bodies rightfully should have planned the gradual return to Football by drawing up SOP.

But they have a whole new meaning to the phrase – work from home to why work when at home!.

Then we have the grand announcement on the cancellation of the Presidents Cup and Youth Cup,

The easy way out, just cancel and not try to be innovative or whatsoever:

Why not plan a carnival like competition ?

And just by saying the age group will be upped a year those earning mega bucks at FAM think they are doing Football a big favour.

What they actually have done is put Football in the backwaters.

Honestly the decision stems from one thing – FAM had no money

All they want is for the M- League to resume so they need not pay back their sponsors.

And another joke is their social media attempt to show they practice transparency.

Ask the President anything it seems.

Well there is a catch phrase – the best picked questions will be answered.

Someone wants to be like TMJ it seems.

Well TMJ had an open public forum and took on questions impromptu.

And so I ask, will the FAM/MFL President reveal the salaries and perks he received as well as his Secretary General, MFL CEO and COO and AFL Chairman,

Ada berani kah?