FAM Elections: Do not dream on taking Hamidin on.

The FA of Malaysia has set March 13 as date to hold their Congress.

Which effectively means the election process for the next executive board.

A total of 40 votes will be cast to elect those who will run football in this country.

And the jostling to be on the Presidents team would have long started , months ago.

Some adore and worship the ground that current President Dato Wira Haji Hamidin Amin walks.

Since this is not a paid advert, as that’s the task of the 4th floor chaps, I am entitled to my opinion which I share without fear or favour.

And now about Midin as I address him, the swagger in his walk is often emulated by the entourage that accompanied him for latches, meetings and functions.

But realistically looking none can hold a matchstick let alone candle to the awesome influence HAMIDIN wields in the football industry.

Though many a time HAMIDIN means well it’s the hanger on’s that actually taint his image.

Many in the current set up have actually nothing to offer and some actually are more destructive to HAMIDIN then helpful in running football in this country.

Some are today without state FA positions while others came in 4 years ago with a swagger of a millionaire, but actually they made mega bucks rather then contribute to the sport.

If any one wants to challenge Hamidin, he needs to garner at least 6 nominations and that itself is a tough task!

Let Hamidin serve another term and judge him then.

He took over mid term and though he drew up so many plans, some like F30 and DNA, even he will admit its far fetched in some aspects.

The one thing that Hamidin could not and will not be able to do despite these plans drawn up by his fourth floor entourage, is getting a firm control over the National Football Development Program which has further slipped away into the hands of the all powerful National Sports Council.

It is the only development program compared to others where the national body plays a minimal role unlike others who have full control.

A resounding yes for Hamidin will send a pound and clear message to the Youth and Sports Minister that NSC no longer is to control the taxpayers money on how to develop football.

On the other positions, it is imperative to return those who have strong state based support and not fly by night operators that use positions to occupy front row seats when hustling for nest positions as cameras come out at functions.

These “ undertakers” since often draped in black, are actually the scums that eat, live and breathe over football,

Hamidin needs a team to support him, not a left flanker who can only use his right leg.

From now till Feb 11 when nominations close, let’s hope that many of the fake ones are curtailed by the MCO as the normal style of campaigning by wine and dine is curtailed by the lockdown.

And hopefully Hamidin is more careful this time around in selecting his team,

Bring those with knowledge in the sport, not bring those with inverted feet.

Only then can this train ride the tracks in proper fashion as far too long it’s been a gravy train, full of leeches and hangers on’s.