FAM Elections: Let’s give Siva a chance for No2 post.

It is the right tine for long serving Football Association of Malaysia Vice President Dato S. Siva Sundram to consider moving up the ladder in the national footballing body.

A right hand person to president Dato Wira Haji Hamidin Mohd Amin, the ever smiling Siva has been anally of Hamidin since both forged an understanding in their days heading the Football Association of Selangor, winning many domestic silverware’s together.

They complemented each other in administrating the Res Giants then, arguably the best tag team administration .

Dato Siva was in charge of the Gates Committee and his astute and careful planning assured that FAM collected a hefty sum from ticket sales with an annual income of RM10 million annually from the domestic cup competitions.

Siva is good at team management as he managed the national under 15 to a title two years ago.

Technically the FAM President needs deputies that can assist him in running the national body, and Sive suits the Bill perfectly.

Not one that goes for publicity or controversy., his diplomatic approach could act as the perfect soother in tight moments Hamidin has to encounter.

Besides we should not look at football as a sport that is dominated by one race in the top echelon but rather Ada unifying factor by allowing officials from various races to equally contribute their ability towards improving our standards.

Hopefully Hamidin endorses his old friend as his running mate for the March 13 elections and sends out a subtle reminder to the affiliates to nominate Sive..

Let football be run by those who know football, not tyrants who only know how to pose for photos or make decisions to safeguard their self interest.