FAM needs to be innovative to motivate front liners in Covid 19 war

Salary cuts initiated by the Football Association of Malaysia does not make sense.

More importantly where the money will be used is not made clear.

And what financial loss in teams of international matches are they lamenting of.

It was one home match against Vietnam that is postponed and not cancelled.

Hence in reality it’s just a deferment in income.

Checks with those familiar with HR laws reveal this:

“ Employers profits must be affected by the COVID19 first and if yes, they must first consider other cost cutting measures.”

So in this case the match was scheduled for March, not April.

And in any other circumstances the HR experts contend:

“ Generally employer must pay full. Any measures to deduct salary must be voluntarily done…cannot force. If employers want to retrench, must show certain criteria under the law.”

No one is begrudging the efforts of FAM in this exercise.

It is just that it was a afterthought just because some followed up on my tweet for pay cuts in FAM/MFL to show an example to the players and then it became a sensational issue.

Now there are many innovative ideas that FAM/MFL/State FA’s and Clubs can do to show appreciation or honour the front liners in the war against Covid 19.

1. Set aside 2,000 tickets for these front liners at FA Cup and Malaysia Cup final and honour them with announcements.

2. Provide 3,000 tickets to the national team matches and a meet and greet session with players.

3. Get the clubs/state teams to do the same at their home matches.

4. If M League is resumed, set aside 10 per cent of nett gate collection to be handed to the National Covid Fund.

5. Put aside 20 per cent of nett gate collection of national team gates towards the National Covid 19 fund.

And if there are actually salary seductions, then use the money to provide masks to the front liners or better still PPE’s.

Being innovative and caring ought to be the trademarks of a national body and this can also be done by BAM and other sports associations.

This is one war we need to win and everyone can play a role, one way or another.

So what say you FAM?