FAM needs to do better

When the Football Association of Malaysia unveiled their F30 plan, one would have thought those warming the chairs at Wisma FAM would have put their minds in coming up with solutions to improve our footballing standards.

But looking at events that have unfolded over the past few months, it is obvious that the F30 plan was merely a PR exercise and nothing more but a stop GAP measure to pull wool over the eyes of the footballing public,

Let’s just look at one single example to see how FAM has their priorities wrong.

There is an ongoing 4 nation invitational for the U22 teams in Singapore as hosts and Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines participating.

Malaysia were invited but declined to participate as their core players were going to be involved in the World Cup/Asia Cup Qualifier against Timor Leste.

Therefore to avoid a tug of war between the Teo teams, the decision was to decline the invitation.

Now one must remember that this is the year of the SEA Games and if those who sit in Wisma FAM fail to realise it as they dig into their Raya cookies plus lemang, they should realise that the Football mad public look at results instead of thick documents in velvet covers or a fanfare of launches to determine progress.

With the opponents at SEA Games already serious in preparations, the Malaysians , thanks to the MFL planning will only get to assemble their teams, be it the U23 or national team after the end of the Malaysia Cup campaigns. And that will be in October,

Therefore there will be no opportunity for the players of both teams to get together except for the next dates in the FIFA Calendar which is in September.

And this is where it gets baffling.

Despite their fat pay cheques, both at FAM and MFL, don’t these officials pay any serious thoughts towards coming out with plans and ideas for the teams?

Now getting the state or clubs to release their players is s problem but it does not take a genius to overcome that issue and have a win win situation.

For instance there could have been a break in between the start of the Malaysia Cup and the end of the M League and that could been a useful period for coaches of teams at national level to assemble players and have a training camp and play done friendly matches with regional teams.

In doing that coaches Tan Cheng Hoe and Ong Kim Swee could have tested fringe players and give opportunities to untested players to fight for players.

Above all, more importantly as sine players have limited playing time at the respective state or clubs sides, this will give them a chance to collect valuable playing time and improve their playing ability,

The days of long training stunts are gone and short stints like this will go a long way to help the cause of the national teams.

And state and clubs too will not be overly concerned at losing players for short stints especially when the digestive season provides breaks.

After all matches are oftener postponed depending on which side of the bed the CEO orCOO get out of bed that morning,

It will also be interesting to find out just how many matches have been rescheduled this year as well as the past two Seasons.

Back to the national teams, the preparations for the teams seem to be in shambles and haphazardly done, no proper planning to help towards making short term targets of the F30 become a reality.

And as so far as the constant threats and refusal of teams in the MFL to prevent players from being released for national stints, put in a clause that they will not receive the full grants normally provided in the M League.

And talking about grants, hopefully the MFL will realise that making statements that grants will be paid soon and then soon and followed by soon is just a poorly written script by their highly paid and assembled corporate communications team that has fallen flat in their face,

So FAM President and his Deputy who both sit on the MFL Board, start getting good advice from consistent people as paying fat salaries to those with no sense of national pride gets you no where but stale rendang and flat tasting cookies.