Fear No One But God, For Karma Is For Real

To what extent will some go to stop the truth from being told in sports?

No surprise though that the list is long as those that are fearful will go at great lengths to do so.

We often hear of journalists being told not to write certain “ controversial “ type of stories, especially when it shows abuse of power or blatant disregard of rules.

Then there is another character that uses his might or influence due to earlier political link to exert pressure.

We then move on to those who send legal letters each time you sneeze on the possibility of revealing abuses or weakness in sports.

Another character buys support by giving freebies, be it small bits of cash or gifts, even dining in restaurants and hotels to keep stories binned .

Threats, coercion, bribery, extorting pressure – these are commercial n things that journalists , be it in the main stream

Media or free lancers like me face.

And when they cannot get at you directly, they then use the royalty to try to shut you up, painting negative remarks so that their chosen leader continues to sit high and mighty, as the corrupt practices carry on in a free gear, not even the fear of god stopping them.

In public they pain a picture of being high and mighty. Assertive and vengeful is what they really are.

Shallow stomachs, inverted feet, no knowledge in the sport, yet surrounded by incompetent failed officials, they tend to say things that do not make sense.

Many a journalist have succumbed to these kind of sports personalities simply because they have no principles.

The comm b excuse one hears is – “ I need the job, who going to feed my family.”

But does your religion not guide you to always tell the truth?

Is you fear to another human being more then your fear to God

What morals and principles would you pass on to your kids if you yourself lack any!

In simple words – what kind of person are you?

We had editors who were string, honest and had their ears to the ground.

If a journalist does not comeback with a string story for the day, he or she fears stepping into office.

Today, re-hashed, copied and past or even translated stories from another media are slotted in as it’s the era of “ phones” Journalists who hardly do leg work.

And why had it come to this?

Simply put they have bosses who know nuts about sports.

And it culminated with the fact that we have sports leaders who also know next to nothing in sports.

I have had my fair share of threats and legal demands since I started writing in 1998.

I only fear God, that has been my motto from day one and I am a firm believer of Karma.

Ultimately we will all have to go one day, the only difference some hurried others cremated, but this is the physical retribution,

It is our soul that eventually will be tried on judgement day.

And there no lawyers, gangsters., royalties will accompany you to exert pressure.

That is the day you will realise that all that glitters is no longer gold for its actually the fires of hell that await one who abuses another god fearing human being..

I fear no one but God, so best believe it my detractors …….