FMT Proven Right as Chong Wei skips Tokyo trip

All the main stream media, websites, tv stations, stand in the Q and start apologising to me for mocking my story on Dato Lee Chong Wei not going to Tokyo as the Chef De Mission.

The story posted on Free Malaysia today and my website is proven right following the announcement by OCM President Tan Sri Norza Zakaria today.

Understand one thing – when you get beaten to a story in journalism

And only sincere journalist or media institution will have the dignity to accept being beaten by someone who is disabled.

None of them will apologise , even the person who call s me a bastard.

Getting beaten to stories was a norm in the 90’s and 2000 but then we had senior journalist with high level of esteem and mutual respect.

Without transport I used to get lifts from Selvam of NST and we never discussed stories

And the next day my story was deemed a scoop, , Selvam was the first to call

Unlike rubbish we have today as bosses who claim after story published that his reporter has the story 10 days earlier then me.

Even Norza and Chong Wei knew I waited and waited before running the story.

So kindly give the due credit to FMT, I know my website cannot be mentioned as run by A Cacat and getting beaten by one is the ultimate insult

But look at your inferiority complex LEX, you deny the story instead of accepting defeat.

Now go hide your heads in sand