Football : FAM/MFL are in the wrong planet.

Planned to fail or failed to plan?

That is the scenario the Football Association of Malaysia and the Malaysian Football League fund themselves in following the snub by the government on their request to resume action in the M-League.

Firstly we need to ask what was in the proposal submitted by the two bodies to the Ministry of Youth and Sports last Thursday.

Of course FAM/MFL have been issuing statements after statements saying they had options on just how, when action on the pitch could continue.

And so we were told, that discussions were held with the Ministry of Health.

And now let’s look at the bare facts.

Was the proposal too advance given that the Movement Control Order was still in place and ill timed given that the Prime Minister was to address the nation on the same day.

Imagine the hue and cry as the PM extended the MCO and the next day football given the green light to play, albeit behind closed door?

Next, daily we are fed with the fact that the monetary losses will be huge and some so called experts have openly said it could well be a RM200 million loss.

Excuse me, have you not heard what the Prime Minister revealed – that the country is bleeding daily.

So why should we even care what happens to the footballing industry when we have 33 million to think about.

And by the way, there are almost 60 plus national sports associations, so what do FAM think , that they are above everybody else.

Look at your results, millions spent, nothing achieved. Well it could make a good heading for a melodramatic TV series right.

Now let’s ask why FAM refused to entertain a counter proposal.

It was suggested to them that the teams be placed in one location ( hotel) in Klang Valley snd they play matches on a carnival style, after the MCO was lifted.

Oh no said one self proclaimed big wig from FAM who is still wet behind his ears in handling government officers.

His lame excuse – the pitch at the National Stadium would not be able to take the number of matches

Well dumb ass, there is the KLFA Stadium in Cheras, the Uitm Stadium, the Shah Alam Stadium, the UKM Stadium and tons of pitches in Bangi that could be used as training centres.

Now here is a more sustainable plan.

Bring all the teams down, house them in one or two hotels, sought of a quarantine hotel where meals are provided and it’s a lockdown hotel.

The 14 day period is used as a quarantine period and the players/officials given a test to see if they are infected.

Once it’s clear, then the matches can begin, that is once the MCO is lifted, expectedly after the Hari Raya.

By doing this, the body contact notion could be dispelled as all would have got the clean bill of health.

And there will be no violation of the inter state travel ban as a one off approval could be provided.

The matches can then be aired on the online platform of TV and this will be of huge interest to the public who are starved of sports.

Periodically those involved could be tested using the immunisation test kit periodically.

Start this by finishing the FA Cup, after all the teams will get knocked out and it’s on a reducing basis as far as numbers is concerned.

Also this will justify the investment by the sponsors and at the same time allow at least one competition to be completed.

This will help other sectors in the economy glut – the hotels, the bus companies, the match officials ( provided they are paid) and other sectors such as apparel sales of teams online.

So why is FAM/MFL so pushy end edgy but NS decision to be made if Football can continue?

Is it because commercially there is no money left since they only raided RM33 million out of the RM50 million?

Or is it a way out to further delay payments to the creditors , some who are waiting since last year?

Or is it just shifting the blame that they want to continue but it’s the government that does not allow?

The last question should be asked in tandem with the fact that the FAM elections are due next year and most states are vote banks.

The ire of a cancelled league could see states ditching their support if FAN/MSL make the call, hence the best option – fund a scapegoat and in this case the government is a lane sitting duck!

The reality of the matter is those at FAM/MFL are not thinking out of the box.

Imagine a patient on the operating table, and when FAM/MFL given the task to bring in a surgeon, they bring a mortician.

Planing, thinking, researching – all these are vital ingredients in running a national body.

Wonder what ever happened to the Research and Development Unit at FAM?

Anyway to each their own, the lives of human beings cannot be quantified.

So take your so called RM200 million valued league somewhere else.

Or better still get those who value your league that high to be appointed as your commercial team.

They probably will do a better job.

Now where did I first hear the RM200 million figure?

Ah yes, when a certain individual was pitching for the job to head the MFL….