Football: FIFA guidelines on salaries to be finalised Friday

The FIFA Working Group on Covid 19 will discuss Football Regulatory Issues Proposals put by FIFA on Friday.

For Malaysia, in particular the interest is on the payment of salaries.

From the document sighted, on the issue of salaries, in simple words the recommendation is explained:

1. For the ongoing season to be completed and no transfer are effective until the completion of the league the player is involved in.

2. However should the league see an early termination , then the transfer file no longer applicable.

3. In the case of salaries, clubs can agree on salary deferment till the season resumes

4. The clubs can also agree salary reduction with the player

The argument is that the the agreement should be ‘suspended’ during any work stoppage hence these recommendations are being made provided some form of support arrangement is made.

However one must remember these are recommendations that will only be finalised this Friday.

For example in Malaysia, a club can negotiate a partial payment until the league is suspended.

The quantum must be agreed with the players and can range from 25 to 75 per cent in terms of deductions.

But there has to be a time frame, before the season ends for the full payment to be made.

Another option is should there be an extension of the season, then this outstanding payment could be spread out over the extended period.

However the catch is the players must agree to either of the options proposed.

The question here is will the Professional Footballers Association Malaysia defy this Fifa guidelines?

Only time will tell but by Saturday all the haze will be cleared.