Football: M league could shift but efforts underway to resolve impasse

Quarantine training is what is being considered by the Malaysian Football League to ensure there is not delay in the start of the M-League this season.

In revealing this and several other measures, MFL President Dato Wira Haji Hamidin Minhd Amin saying d that several options are being considered.

And he also did not discount the possibility of the start of the M-League to be differed to after the Asia/World Cup matches in March.

While acknowledging that the safety aspects of Covid 19 needs to be given priority, Hamidin said that it’s time the authorities too see football as an industry and no longer merely as a recreational activity.

“ There are some 2,000 off odd individuals who look at football as a source of income, and this is not including scores of others that depend on football as a career,” said Hamidin last night.

“ While other industries are allowed to operate, a shut down of football has had adverse aspects on those involved.

“ Clubs are suffering and in turn so are players and employees, and this is just not fair.

“ Some form and f leeway must be given and MFL has come out with proposals that we are discussing with stakeholders before putting it up to the Sports Ministry to be sent to the National Security Council.”

One such proposal is yo allow the teams to hold training session under the “ quarantine 0 based approach.

“ This will allow the teams to carry on training under strict standard operating procedures as their respective venues,” said Hamidin.

“ The teams need 6 weeks of uninterrupted training to prepare for the start of the season. Imposing restrictions will derail preparations and there ought to be consistency in changing conditions, not doing things on an advocacy manner.”

He added that MFL is holding discussions online with stakeholders on the proposals to be submitted.

Among others is the SOP to be implemented when the M-League actually gets underway ,

Currently the teams are required to undergo a swab test before every

Match and not only is it costly to teams but also not practical as teams at times have back to back matches at different locations and need to travel as well,

A solution to this would be the vaccine but so far both MOSTI and KBS had been silent on the vaccination process.

This scribe did contact both Khairy Jamaludfin and Reezal Merican , the respective Ministers of MOSTI and KBS, but both refused to reply when asked if footballers could be considered as early recipients of the vaccine given that the industry is suffering.

Hamidin said that all avenues are being exhausted to help the ailing football industry but the time has come for some decisive decisions.

“ We try our best but somehow those out there do not understand and try to use the opportunity to make it more difficult,” added Hamidin,

“ For instance the national team training, instead of cooperating we find statements like not releasing players unless the league is postponed.

“ And others lamenting on rankings.

“ Firstly have these making such statements no care whatsoever on the fate of the national team?

“ We are going through a crucial period and this is where team work is necessary, not who’s and self interest.

“ So let us do what is necessary in order to restart football bit we are subject to decisions from the government as well.”

As Hamidin prays common sense instead of threats will prevail, he looks forward to the continuous focus on public health to eon the scourge against Covid 19.