Football; National Team at MSN? Wrong move as JDT best choice

The announcement that the national football team will set up camp at the National Sports Council was the worst decision ever made, without care and thought and frankly just a popularism decision.

Everyone knows the fact that BSC had 13 Covid 19 cases Abd there has been no transparency since that press release.

Already having some 600 odd athletes and officials there, the situation was correctly summed up by a senior officer on TV last night, not welcoming the footballers but saying we have no knowledge about when this will happen.

Anybody with a little common sense will know the best facility to gather the national team in a safe, conducive and practical locality will be the JDT training centre in Johor Baru.

And the individual who can make this happen is my be other then His Royal Highness Tunku Mahkota Johor.

TheJDT facility is out of the world, an extremely well maintained pitch, top security, gyms and rehabilitation facility that equal top football clubs in the world.

And a five star hotel just across the pitch where the players could be accommodated.

These are professional footballers, not ordinary athletes and they ought to be given the due respect.

That’s the difference why JDT are successful in the first place.

It’s not the wages they pay but the fact they know what’s best for players.

And this is where FAM President and Sports Minister should have been advised when they met yesterday

Why have an entourage at the meeting Abd proudly publish a photo when such meetings are prohibited under the MCO?

Back to JDT, we are all well aware f TMJ’s desire yo see Malaysian football prosper and rise in the eyes of the world.

Hosting the national team at his truly world class facility is really no bog deal and HisHighness detail for perfection will endure that the players can train with a peace of mind, not think if the next person at the gum or dining hall at breakfast has the virus.

We have important matches coming up and the national team must and ought to be given the best preparation.

Do FAM and KBS think housing then in the MSN complex is the best solution?

Clearly the JDT facility is the BEST price lace for the national layers and we can only hope that HRH will be kind enough to offer it to the national team.

This gesture by JDT will be warmly received and even those detractors who despise JDT will sit up and applaud.

No doubt some will claim their states have good facilities but we are talking holing a match stick to a candle , not even close to world class.

If we truly care for a national footballers, pick up the phone or take a drive to Johor.

Let’s keep our footballers safe and give them the due respect and treatment.

And not place them in a location where they will be busy entertaining selfies or end up like the infamous Disco Six.

Over yo you TMJ to Dave our football yet again .