Having read and seen footage of Malaysia Cup matches last night, it will be interesting to see what action will the Football Association of Malaysia take.

At the ATM v Kelantan match, play had to be stopped twice and it was only after riot police took up positions did the match official continue the proceedings.

Now the question that begs to be answered is – knowing very well that it’s a high profile match, one that was live on TV, why was the match allowed to start if the security was inadequate?

What was the Match Commissioner, Venue Coordinator as well as the host team doing to ensure the safety of the players and spectators?

Was it a case of putting profits over safety by over selling tickets?

Why were the FRU not stationed around the track as is the standard procedure in such high profile matches?

Will FAM take the blame for the failure of their appointed official ( match commissioner ) for his lackadaisical approach towards such a match?

And finally what happened in Paroi is also no excuse.

Is there any clause as draconian as Article 88 that can now be shafted down the throats of those actually responsible for this mayhem that we call football?