Football The best may not play at Asian Games!

While the Football fraternity celebrates the positive performance of the National Under 23 squad in the AFC Cup, do not get your hopes too high fir a repeat performance in the Asian Games this August in Indonesia.

This is due to the fact that the team may not have the best players for the Asian Games.

There are matches of the M League scheduled during this period , August 12 to September 2.

Hence state and Club teams could prevent their players from donning the national jersey as the Asian Games is not within the FIFA Calendar thus there is no obligation by teams to release players for national duty.

This will lead yet again to the infamous battle cry – Club over Country.

Based totally on regulations, the states/clubs have a right not to allow the players to join any centralised training camp or even be released for the Asian Games.

HRH Tunku Ismail the President of FAM will surely be the one to resolve this impasse.

He is known to make effective, though some may claim to be unpopular decisions.

He will surely want the U23 to be represented by the best players at the Asian Games and at the same time provide a suitable preparation period for the team as he did for the AFC U23.

Thus it is hoped that HRH will look into this matter right away and instruct FMLLP to have a look at the fixtures to come up with an acceptable solution to all parties.

HRH may have taken responsibility for the low ranking of the national team but those who understand the ranking system will surely know that he is not at all to blame.

The media should be educating the public on how the FIFA ranking works and not merely play up the drop in ranking each time FIFA releases the new list.

Remember one thing – the national team has not played any international matches since November so why are we even pointing our fingers at TMJ.

One should believe in collective responsibility hence if TMJ is to blame for the drop in rankings then the entire FAM Exco is equally to share the blame.

Back to the Asian Games, there is no point if the media jumps on the bandwagon to aim their guns at FMLLP for the fixtures now that this blog highlighted the issue of the possibility of the nation being deprived on the best footballers to play in the Asian Games but depend on the best available.

Just allow TMJ to work his magic and he will surely be able to conjure something that all will be agreeable to.