Football : The faith in Velakaran Parsa Suttu

It is amazing how we continue to be colonised even though our nation achieved independence in 1957.

When I refer to colonisation , it refers directly to the field of sports.

Tine and again we get taken for a ride in sports as those in seats of power believe in this so called “ white sports gurus”

Over my 39 years in sports I have come to conclude ( sorry for the wording) but our sports leaders live to get their arse screwed without gel !

When will we ever realise we have capable personnel locally that if not similar but maybe even capable of doing a better job then this revered “gurus” of sports.

I was sent a clip of an interview conducted by a local TV station that actually spends more time airing foreign sports on its new segments, hence I gave up watching.

It was an interview with the outgoing FAM Technical Director who was rightfully not renewed.

He took the time given to him to lambast our football system stating he could well have stayed had a certain personality still been at the helm.

Well that change happened 2 years ago and if you strongly felt and held to your convictions, then why were you still here?

If you felt that the current leadership was not listening to you, then you should pack and leave!

Obviously the money was too good right.

I find it really odd that for 3 years you could stomach this so called incapable lot and enjoy the high flying life style yet never uttered a word of dismay until you were told the good times are over that you opted to lambast the very hand that fed you.

Yes Dato Hamidin might not be a perfect person in your mind, but why not give up your citizenship and apply to be Malaysian.

Am sure Dato Wira Yusof Mahadi can get you naturalised as he has done with scores of players while people like my Mum got her citizenship 53 years after arriving as a pendatang.

And who knows you can manipulate your way from being a third grade journalist to be Hamidin”s shotgun aide!

Back to comments passed with regards to F39 Abd DBA, so we are expected to follow a copy and paste effort Abd gave no mind of our own.

Are you treating us similar to the way you treat aborigines in your country?

Remember you to are a pendatang on your country so we know what you were saying – our football leadership is hopeless, here I agree to a certain extent as we have those with conflict of interests freezing running around falsifying documents.

Hamidin – live him or loathe him, his fate is determined by 40 votes and trust me, do not bother challenging him, it’s a signed deal he will be around the next 4 years.

His biggest problem is he is a commoner and has no clout like those in the past.

And he carries lots of baggage that is a bunch of free loaders or hangers on that will one day get him off loaded from a flight as they are deemed lethal cargo.

Call it biased but I feel OKS will end up being a good Technical Director, a right decision by Hamidin as opposed

to the many other hiring he has done compared to the 12 Indians he removed as Secretary General as well as cronies with fat pay cheques both in FAM and MFL as recent as last month.

The policy seems no pendatang to be hired so if we lose our, big deal TD that you are packed.

Bob voyage and your desire to retire here may never come true as the plot to oust the only Indian VP and replace him with “ velakaran parsasutu “ began a year ago.