Forget Oltmans and move on, for truth hurts some

Due process is a word we often hear in justifying a right or wrong decision – depending on how one looks at it.

So what’s the deal of due process?

Plenty actually if we look at the current saga engulfing Hockey, if it can be considered a saga,

Why is the departure of Dutchman Roelant Oltmans being made such a big deal?

He opted to resign, it was accepted, he got another job and was frank about our Hockey.

But we have become a society that cannot accept truth and facts that outline the seriousness of the situation.

On process, there was no due process after that national team lost the gold medal to Japan in 2018, especially the decision to hire Oltmans.

Then when Oltmans left, a successor was immediately named, again out of the blues.

When all local coaches were terminated in December, they were told to re-apply if they were interested to be in the coaching set up.

But suddenly coaches for the men’s and women’s junior teams were appointed, no body questioned the due process then .

Interviews were also conducted for the women’s senior team, the outcome is yet to be revealed for months .

With no major event for at least another 4 months, what was the hurry to appoint a coach now when the 2 assistants are capable of handling the team with their years of coaching exposure?

An open interview ought to have been conducted, period.

After all the national women’s team did not train since September last year and only recently a team comprising of only 6 seniors was assembled, training with the Junior Asia Cup team,

Next the issue of Oltmans having coached the Kampung HC squad during his 4 months stay in Holland during the MCO.

No big deal either if one considers that Hockey was at a standstill in Holland too so what physical activity occured? None if we think sensibly,

After all coaches in our own set up coach club sides in the run up and during the MHL despite being on the national body payroll.

Now we come to the pinnacle of the issue.

It had been alleged that the players were at odds with Oltmans.

Some in the system said that all will be revealed in the post mortem reports that was conducted in January.

Having had 7 months to write the report, they need another 3 weeks to complete the report?

Surely everyone knows this is an after thought and if the Youth and Sports Minister gets the report first, he should make it public himself, for transparency purposes.

Well the players had a choice – not to answer tha national call up in March after the MHL.

They could have made a stand but opted not to right!

That choice was always theirs and if it was true they were united in their hatred towards the coach, then why did they return to training?

Did we read on any withdrawals?

None right and only the 6 players, 5 dropped with the other opting to withdraw for career prospects.

Player power should never be entertained and if players are to determine who should coach them, then we are doomed.

One interesting statement was made – that we will prove Oltmans wrong on his blunt remark Malaysia had no chance to make it to Paris 2024.

You mean to tell us all this while you were holding back and never gave your best to get back at the coach?

If this was the situation then everyone who was in London should never be considered to Din national colours again.

Olymans has gone, let’s not try to lunch him when he is not able to tell us his side of the story.

Was he. consulted when a national chief assistant coach was suddenly named?

We have so many other local coaches, why was there no open advertisement?

Why is NSC so silent in this issue?

Why the need to crucify Oltmans when it was announced that it was a mutually agreed separation?

It all boils down to one thing – that Oltmans was being blunt in his assessment.

As usual truth can and will never be accepted by those running sports in the country.

As much as we outside the system hate some yet accept the due process that took place to place incompetent people in positions, we should learn to respect decisions made by those chose to walk away.

Finally will we qualify for the World Cup and the Olympics?

The incoming coach failed to take us to the Junior World Cup, so believe it or not, failure is an option.

Rest assured the so called player revolt will once again be used as a lame excuse to muffle the real story – that our system has failed us and will continue to fail us despite a copy cat development program being launched today at a resort.

Has school holidays began?