Update: To those who are stupid, well I have nothing to say. For your info since you work in NSC yet do not know sports, Chong Wei plays on July 29, and this was checked with BWF. And we have nothing against Pandalela as she earns the right. But why LIE about when Chong Wei is to play and why LIE that OCM made that decision. Go get your FACTS right before hiring cyber troopers. Obviously it’s GUTTER personalities that UNDERMINE sports. And Haresh Deol is a man who thinks for himself unlike YOU yang menurut perinatah and stabbed your friend in his back.
That will aptly sum up the position of national badminton star Lee Chong Wei who was obviously snubbed by the National Sports Council as the flag bearer for the London Olympics.
While Pandalela Rinong deserves to be the flag bearer on her own right, one cannot help wonder why Chong Wei, a three time Olympian has been overlooked as the reason offered by National Sports Council Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong lacked conviction and above all smacked arrogance.
” We considered both Chong Wei and Pandalela and opted for the diver as Chong Wei has an event two days after the opening,” Zolkples retorted when asked why Pandalela was picked.
But when asked if Chong Wei was infact asked if he was willing to carry the national flag, the answer was negative as Zolkples said that they did not ask Chong Wei.
And the man who is being looked at delivering the gold was straightforward in his answer if he was willing to be in the Malaysian contingent to march at the opening.
“This is my third Olympic and since my first match is on July 29, I want to participate in the opening ceremony as I have never had the opportunity, ” said Chong Wei.
When told that he was not picked as the flag bearer, Chong Wei looked up and was seemingly calm in his reply though one could not help notice the tinge of sadness in his eyes as he replied;
“That is their decision and what can I say. But I do hope they let me march at the opening and my Olympics will not be complete as I have never been to the opening ceremony be it at Athens (2004) and Beijing (2008).
And this brings up the question, was this payback from NSC for Chong Wei being absent from the National Sports Awards earlier this year which irked Zolkples?
It’s obviously a case of tit for tat and in the end the nations most famous athlete has to pay the price.