I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Sports Minister Datuk Shabery Cheek after he tested the court that will be used for the WTA Malaysian Open next month at the Kiara Club.

Out of respect for the two journalists who were also present when the Minister lost his cool, I will not blog about what transpired until noon tomorrow. Suffice to say the man who faced the former Deputy Prime Minister on a debate live on TV could not withstand some simple questions with regards to public money from this blogger.

The Minister may have his reasons for his outburst, but suffice to say that I had to make a point to him and to be honest why lose your cool, unless you have something to hide. After all if you are right Mr. Minister, then why fear my line of questioning?

So readers, please wait till noon tomorrow for the update, it will be interesting. The story is with regards to the Minister’s visit to Everton and the plan to tie up with the club that has been marketed by a few groups since the days of Azalina.

And the cost, a cool RM7 million per year, so there goes the bulk of the RM10 million that Prime Minister announced recently….