Get your act right BAM

It’s been six months since the ” new” Badminton Association of Malaysia regime took office.
Amidst all the promises of change, nothing has really changed except for a ” friendlier” BAM then one of the past.

The early exit of Lee Chong Wei at the World Champs was indeed a bitter blow but the sole gold medal at the SEA Games was akin to a nail in The Coffin for Badminton.

BAM had proudly and celebrated the launch of their very own Junior League in July but till today none of the state leagues have actually taken off and even if they had, no one has heard about it.

The coaching structure too was revamped and coaches moved around as Misbun Sidek was brought back to train his once protege, but that went horribly flat in Glasgow.

All kind of excuses, explanations were provided but nothing concrete was forthcoming from the highly acclaimed Podium Program big wigs who are the first to jump on the bandwagon but some how hide in a failure.

Suffice for all to know that BAM could well have another coach to train Chong Wei as Misbun most likely will and should be entrusted to find talented players.

While the BAN ship sails on troubled matters, another surprising decision was to sign a MOU with the Malaysian Purple League.

BAM is the governing body for the sport in the country and to claim that if wants to tap on the commercial capability of the Purple League is indeed baffling.

Firstly BAM had a due diligence done on the Purple League and found it not viable to take over or purchase a stake in the company.

Next it comes up with a SPV ( special purposes vehicle)?kind of arrangement to acquire a stake in the league.

Which brings one pertinent question – which party needs which party really,

In terms of Badminton it’s clear that the Purple League is more of a commercial vehicle then development as there is no control on foreign player participation or even on the quality of players.

The past three years the league has given more exposure or playing time for foreign players rather then locals and that is a fact that even top BAM officials nodded in agreement,

Then comes the playing format – the race to 11 points – made for entertainment purposes to suit TV telecast rather then doing anything good for the sport.

While we believe that TV is important and vital, surely one cannot compromise on our Badminton future just to please those who seek entertainment rather then sports in its totality.

BAM is finally right on one thing – that it needs clubs development and not just states to develop the sport.

So what best to do is to get their state affiliates to start progressing by forming state Badminton clubs, meaning getting professional people to run the clubs and let those currently in positions to carry on running the state Badminton associations,

With two separate entities it can only do wonders for the sport.

Let the clubs carry on in the national league ( please remove the word purple) and let more clubs in, not just those who are jointly owned by one entity or has a share in all clubs thus raising the possibility of something sinister.

BAM has to start doing things and not merely do lip service as has been the case for years.

It has within its mean to show how sports should and ought to be run and let’s not hope that it serves as a pedestal or even a special purpose vehicle for those who aspire self glory rather then the sport.

Wake up BAM as positive things need to happen.

Look beyond the horizon, start making decisions that will help the sport, start clamping down on those who use the sport, start by making concrete plans that are feasible and reliable.

Above all stop portraying an image that all is well when obviously it is not.

No matter how good one thinks they are in the end the sport is judged by its success, as we will be judged on judgement day when we face the lord.