Give Credit Where Due

While there have been criticism on the ticketing aspects of the FA Cup, many have opted to exclude some good outcomes from the cup final.
With more then 70,000 fans packing the Shah Alam Stadium, credit must go to the security personnel led by the PDRM, FAM, FMLLP, Shah Alam City Council and others.
It was surely a cup final to remember from the security aspects as there was no glares, fireworks, pitch invasion or even throwing of items into the pitch.
When was the last time you remember a Football match not marred by incidents such as flares or firecrackers or even rockets?
The fans were well behaved and the manner in which the gates were handles was superb, not gate crashing, over crowding and infighting by the fans.
The credit must surely go to the PDRM who planned and handled the Cup final well, even holding a briefing prior to the final at the Shah Alam police HQ.
And the pitch held up well considering the fact that it rained earlier in the afternoon and the match was at times played at a steady drizzle.
Thus it was perplexing to see no credit given to members of the security who toiled hard to endure the safety of many fans.
A thumbs up also for the Organised way the prize presentation was held as the stage was a welcome relief  from the past as it was a sight to behold, visible to many and not overcrowded.
There can surely be improvements but one must be brace enough to give credit where it’s due, especially to those behind the scenes like the security personnel, ticket collectors, stewards and Rela.