Go get a life you sick people

The sports world was abuzz last night with the introduction of a new portal on sports.

Named Inside Malaysian Sports ( www.insidemalaysiansports.com ), it carried some interesting articles.

So who is behind this?

Your guess is as good as mine and to those saying it’s mine, well I will take that as a credit.

But tell me something – how can I fork out such money when I cannot even have enough to pay medical bills let alone have a decent meal?

And except for the one trip to KL on April 1, the fact is I am stuck in Tampin since March 11.

Anyway since some have been sinister saying that it’s good another website is up and running, it can shit someone who claims to be the best.

Well I can sleep for a week and still beat the shit out of this person who lifts stories by watching TV!

Anyway to those behind this website, kudos, well done and I do welcome another portal who will share stuff like they did.

In particular I like the story on Nicol and lion forward to the second part, so please do not keep us waiting Sirs.

On my front, April 21 marked my 5th year anniversary of undergoing dialysis.

A not too good blood test result and a review by the Nephrologist means that I risk a thyroid operation soon and with my injections lying in KL, my haemoglobin level has dropped as well.

Hence I need to undergo intravenous transfusion of iron and the first session on Tuesday knocked me out the whole day.

Not only is it a energy sapping affair but costs money that I can ill afford, yet some have the audacity to say I funded a new portal, go get a life you sick minds

Anyway what going to happen to the M- League?

Why no media dare publish the story in match officials not paid?

What the story on getting athletes to start training on April 29?

And the AFC Award for FAM is actually nothing to shout about as it’s only for club licensing so no monetary benefit whatsoever . But trust media going to toe with it.

What shall I pen next?

Well maybe on how a certain someone asks for a whisky bottle and a dinner each time the team goes overseas!

Anyway my focus is on my health, how to get my injections and how to follow the regimented diet the nephrologist has put me on.

So when you see me next, do not ask why I have lost weight or look haggard.

It’s not by choice but rather by design.

And yes I will miss my Ramadhan Bazaar like anything but just as well I cannot eat most of it.

To my Muslim brothers and sisters, may the month of Ramadhan give you the patience and perseverance needed as we battle the Covid 19 as one nation.