Gold Coast Medal Tally – Be logical Tim

Reading the newspaper on a Sunday morning nearly gave me a heart attack.

As questions started racing through my mind if we actually hired an expert of a PR specialist to head our much coveted Podium Program, a program that was to elevate us to a truly world class sporting nation.

Tim Newenham the highly acclaimed Podium Program Head stated in the papers the following which I reproduce in verbatim.

“And it has to be stated that hosts Australia have listed events that are an advantage to them. I am not surprised because Australia will make full use of such an advantage which will have an impact on us. As an example, events involving two of our world champions, Abdul Latif Romly and Mohd Ziyad Zolkefli are not being contested,” he pointed out.

I would like to take Tim back to when sports/events for the SEA Games were determined.

Did we not deprive Thailand and Indonesia of women weightlifting events where they had 3 olympic gold medallists between them in that sport?

So why fret now when we also were guilty of manipulation the sports and events in the SEA Games that eventually left is red faced instead of truly celebrating the medal haul?

Not everyone here with the right mind will buy your argument in medal target as it is just a target derived from comparing our athletes performance against Athletes from other countries.

No one is asking you to be spot on but even students sitting for O levels can predict how many “ A” they can score and you with a team of highly acclaimed and paid staff cannot even tell us what the expected medal haul will be?

Cone on Tim, cut the crap and be honest, that even after given more then any other unit in terms of financial support, you very well are aware that we will not do enough to finish amongst the top 10 and in the eventuality we do, I trust you will be the first to come out with a statement or analysis that you knew all along but wanted to keep it under wraps.

And the second statement is really something that needs no dissecting.

“ I myself am not sure how many gold medals we will have to win to be in the

top 10. We do not know how the athletes from other countries will perform, but our objective is to ensure that Malaysian athletes are fully prepared for the Games,” he explained.”

What have you been doing if you do not even have data on the Athletes from other countries,

I know of one Rasu Maniam who ran athletics in NSC who had such information on his finger tips and this was 2 decades ago, without much IT advantage.

And here you have a multi million program where Tim says he does not know what Athletes from other countries are capable of achieving,

This is about measurable sports Sir Tim, and we do not need a rocket science expert to evaluate it.

And talking about not giving pressure to Athletes on gold medal prospects, then why are we pumping SU much to Emily Psychologists which I believe were also hand picked by you and your team.

Tin ought to cone out with the medal target or forever hold his tongue even if we finish amongst the top 10 in the medal tally for obviously he does not know Malaysian Athletes.