It is sad that the Badminton Association of Malaysia council will today be given a brief by their President on how important solidarity is and what sacrifices mean.

The charade is to justify the so called ascendency to the BAC President’s position even though it was done through a manner that lacks ethics, morality and above all illegal so much so that a case is pending in the High Court in Malaysia.

There are more important things on the plate as so far as badminton is concerned then the manner in which Malaysia virtually conned its way to the President’s position in Asia.

Holding top positions was never a priority for our former badminton leaders who put the priority on the performance of our shuttlers ahead of personal glory.

But how things have changed over the years as the jostle for positions seem to be the main concern and the performance be damned.

It all started with a dream of wresting the BWF Presidency, a plan that went horribly wrong when the BAM President got only TWO nominations. Suddenly the two Chinamen felt that their days were numbered as they had let their President down.

So it was plan B, to save face as the Chinese will call it. Off some went flying to Bangkok and Jakarta, in the name of Asian solidarity and schemed what everyone knew, that is to oust the BAC President just because his advisor was Ganga Rao, a man who infact put the BAM President where he is today.

Just figure this out, BAC has 41 affiliates and by their own admission only 12 were in Bangkok at the EGM who supported the ouster and the appointment of he BAC new President.

Even in the political scenario in our country the BN government was denied the 2/3 majority and are having trouble managing the nation. And here we have only one quarter supporting this illegal appointment yet someone is going to accept it gleefully and the two Chinamen think they have won it big.

What you three have done will go down in the annals of badminton history as dubious and mischievous manner in which Malaysia took over the BAC Presidency, and will soon be exposed for all to see.

Go about doing things correctly as there is still time to save grace, get the no confidence motion tabled in the AGM scheduled for April 21, and if agreed by the majority, go ahead and accept the position.

But if greed as so often happens in Malaysia is the key word, accept it today, get a pat on your back from the council, and have that tidak apa attitude prevailing as you manage an Asia truly divided just because you cannot garner enough votes for the BWF elections.

Ask yourself one question, the 12 who voted ou into BAC, where were they when you wanted nominations for the BWF Presidency?

If this is not a compromise, then your dictionary is seriously flawed.