Guilty By Association

Over the past few hours on Monday I was grappling with a decision, a life and game changer.

It was time to differentiate from those who one considers true friends or those who are only there to share your joys but do not hesitate to run u down.

Then there are those who use you, for their own benefit and dump you at the first opportunity.

And finally there is these characters that say without hesitation, no one not twice but repeatedly that their misfortunes are related to being associated with me.

The irony here is laughable to say the least – a senior civil servant doe not respond to his text messages, it’s due to being “ close “ to me.

There are other instances, when you do not get funding from the government, it’s due to close Association with me.

When one cannot secure contracts, it’s because they are deemed close to me.

Since these people, not only so called friends but sports leaders who have used me in the past look at me as a fork of cancer or bad karma to them, they ought to stay away from me, simple right.

But no, it does not work that way as they try to use me, milk me of information, get me to campaign for them, but the moment they get what they want, the bitching starts.

If they fail to get the desired outcome, it’s easy – put the blame on me.

Since you all feel I am the bad boy of sports, I have many a time suggested that they stay clear of me.

Yet they still continue to venture into my life, as if they are the missing “ toe” of mine I amputated some 4 years ago.

So ultimately I am doing it for them as I have taken the decision to block them off from contacting me.

This makes life easier on both fronts, no longer will you be considered as my so called supporter or crony and neither will you kiss out in the plum contracts that you yearn for in the name of being true and honest towards protecting the sanctity of sports.

I have also decided that after this my blog posts will be pass word protected, that means only those I consider genuine will be able to read my ramblings.

Trust me I will not stop till those who use sports for personal gain and self glory are booted out as I will not be silenced by these mighty personalities that have money, power, fame but rely on blind support to stay in sports.

God bless you all that no longer exist in my life and thanks for the memories, hope you strike oil at the back of your gardens.