Hamidin the next FAM President ?

The Football Association of Malaysia will call for a special meeting of to da discuss the resignation of HRH Tunku Ismail as President.

And should the EXCO accept the resignation, which they are expected to, they will then pick an Acting President until the next FAM Congress to be held on July 14.

And the vacant post of President will then be filled up for the remaining term of office until 2021.

In clarifying the situation, FAM General Secretary Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin said that the date of the Congress was already decided at the last EXCO Meeting.

“ Ww are deeply saddened by the turn of events and it is indeed a decision that will have a big impact on Malaysian Football,” said Hamidin to this blogger.

“ TMJ has made up his mind and all I can say is that I have lost a good boss, one that provides guidance, advice and gives immense support to both the sport as well as to me personally.

“ I am still in the state of shock following his desire to resign as we have tried hard to convince him to stay and there is still a chance, however remote, that he may change his mind.”

TMJ had issued a statement on the FAM Facebook stating his preference for Dato Yusof Mahadi to assume the role of Acting President until the Congress and for Hamidin to be elected as President at the Congress, stating that Hamidin if elected will be able to work closely with him as well as he will continue to provide financial support to FAM.

“ I am humbled by TMJ’s confidence in me but those are big shoes to fill and frankly there are just too many things on my mind at the moment,” said Hamidin.

“ I am leaving for Lebanon tomorrow morning to be with the national team as they need all the support they can.

“ It is entirely up to the EXCO and affiliates to decide who should lead them.

“ But I must that TMJ for his vote of confidence in my ability but as I said it’s still early days.”

Going by the FAM Constitution it is not automatic that one of the Deputy President’s will assume the role of Acting President until the Congress.

They could well decide to let Hamidin steer the ship until the Congress to evaluate his ability to lead FAM.

But it looks all the more likely that this former BBMB player who was once the Secretary of Football Association of Selangor will more then likely be the 6th FAM President.

And with TMJ providing assurance of backing him, there seems to be a certainty that he will be proclaimed President in July 14, if not earlier.

Statement by HRH Tunku Mahkota Johor

Following my resignation as President, I would like to recommend Datuk Wira Yusuf Mahadi to be appointed as Acting FAM President until the 64th FAM Congress on 14 July 2018. In my opinion, the most qualified candidate to lead the FAM afterwards is FAM General Secretary Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin, who has served Malaysian football for a long time.

If we look at FIFA, some of their Presidents came from the General Secretary background because they understand football administration. I also have a very good relationship with Dato Hamidin and this will faciliate the partnership between the FAM and Malaysian Football League (MFL). If Dato Hamidin is voted as FAM President by affiliates, I will give my full support to him and ensure the FAM’s income is secure. I hope all affiliate members will support Dato Hamidin as FAM President.

HRH Major General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor, Former President of Football Association of Malaysia