Perhaps Khairy Jamaluddin could have the shortest reign as the Minister of Youth and Sports given the various reports appearing in the main stream media over the past few days.

Reports on football, badminton and hockey, attributed to the National Sports Council Director General have touched raw nerves and can be considered as government interference and left unchecked can be considered also as usurping the authority of KJ.
Lets take it one by one and start with football. It is FAM’s decision as to who they want to play, be it a schoolboy team, a kampung side or an estate team, as preparation for the Asia Cup matches. The decision is solely for FAM to make and it seems now that the NSC DG has a degree is coaching as well.
Obviously Rajagobal has his own reasons and if the NSC feel strongly then they should not fund any part of the trip down under.
Next is hockey where the NSC DG lamented that MHC should not do away with age group tournaments. Please get your facts right as mo tournament has been done away with and the NSC has not paid their share of the NSC-MILO-MHC Junior Hockey League.
So when sponsors like NSC cannot meet their obligations, is it wrong for a national body to reduce the number of tournaments they organise?
That is not all for the DG also spoke on development programs and the lack of teams in the age group level. He should ask the question to himself as what is happening to the well funded 1MAS Program which he chairs?
Why is it that it takes club funding to start a goalkeeping clinic and not via 1MAS which gets RM3 million annually from the government!
Talking about age group teams, hello, do you remember that it is NSC that has cut the funding as during the tenure of Dato Mazlan Ahmad a sum of RM3.2 million was allocated annually towards funding an U14, U16, U18 and juniors side as well as funding for coach education, umpires development as well as clinics.
Then we move on to badminton and the statement that BAM should allow Independant players to train with the national set up. Does the NSC DG realize the conditions set by BAM, or rather by two personalities in BAM – cannot wear sponsor logo, cannot have their coaches on court, cannot train except when called to do so.
And talking about Independant players, what happened to the proposal for NSC to save the career of youngster Zulfadli Zulkifli. Six months have passed since a verbal agreement was made but nothing came out of it.
So rather then going around slandering me, it’s best that the NSC DG walk the talk and look within and answer these questions.
And yes I also know about what you do and have done, so two can play this game. You are not gods gift to Malaysian Sports.