The Badminton Association of Malaysia has advertised for a High Performance Director position, as seen in the advert below.
It is not a new position but one that key personalities were eager to fill so that they could get rid of Dato James Selvaraj who holds the position currently.
Just look at the job description and see if it fits requirements of a HPD, And mind you the advert has no closing date so take your time to apply.

Now have a look at part of a HPD criteria that Canadian Fencing has requested for in its advert. See that stark difference in job decscription.

One key element is the reporting line as the BAM wants the High Performance Director to report to the General Manager, someone who has always advocated that he is an educationalist and has over the past few months went to great lengths to slander this blogger.
So my question to the great BAM leaders, are you looking for a clerk or a High Performance Director?