Hockey: ACT fate to be decided soon.

The fate of the Asian Champions Trophy will be made known by the AsianHockey Federation in less then a week.

In SS losing this, AHF Chief Executive Officer Dato Tayab IKRAM said that they are in the process of gathering feedback from the participating countries after the Bangladesh government had granted the permission for the event to be held in Shaka this march.

“ We are thankful as well as grateful to Bangladesh fr their green light,” said Tayab when contacted.

“ We have written to the participating countries to seek their views with a final decision forthcoming in a matter of a few days.

“ All involved must understand that the safety and well being of those involved and it’s only right to seek the views of teams who in turn need to consult their respective governments as some have laced restrictions like the borders being closed.

“ Hence we also need to look into aspects of preparation, for instance Malaysia where they recently imposed a movement control order.”

The event was for scheduled for2020 but the Covid 19 pandemic created havoc forcing the cancellation to f many sporting events world wide.

Should the match tournament be moved, a jam packed calendar would mean playing it towards the later stages of the year.

Tayab added that they were in the process of reviewing the AGF calendar fir the year after getting advice and input from the International Hockey Federation.

“ There can be no certainty as the third wave has affected many a nation and we need to consider the plight of every person involved,” added Tayab.

“ So let’s all wait and hope that things turn out for the better later in the year.”