Hockey ; Eight for SOJC next year

A new milestone will be set by the Johor Hockey Association in 2021.

Forced to postpone the 2020 edition of the world recognised Sultan of Johor Cup due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the 10the edition will be held from 4th to 12 September at the Taman Daya Hockey Stadium.

And for the first time in its history, 8 teams will contest for the trophy.

Prior to this it was 7 teams in the initial years before being reduced to 6 teams.

In confirming this move, JHA President Dato Majid Manjit Abdullah, the individual who is the driving force behind the organisation of the SOJC said;

“ We gave it a good though and saw next year as a perfect opportunity to increase the numbers.

“ This is due to the fact that it’s an important year for the sport, especially the juniors which SOJC caters for.

“ The Junior Asia Cup will possibly be held in either June or early July.

“ And with the Junior World Cup in November, our dates are perfect for teams to prepare for the Junior World Cup”

Already five teams have booked their sports for SOJC , Great Britain, Australia, India, Japan and Malaysia.

“ We are looking for another Asian team as well as two from Europe.

“ Our fox S is now on trying to secure the parts participation of Belgium, Spain, Germany or France” added Manjit.

An additional two teams will cost JHA around RM300,000 but Manjit believes that JHA could raise the money.

Being the only state hockey association that owns its own four storey building with RM1.8 million, Johor has over the years made the SOJC the most sought after under 21 international tournament.

“ This will probably a Mini Junior World Cup as I believe all the eight teams that converge in Johor Baru will be there in India a few months later.

“ It will give coach Wallace Tan a perfect opportunity to prepare its team.”

On the commercial aspect , Manjit said there will be a bidding exercise for the broadcast rights to the SOJC.

“ We are at present free of any commitment to broadcasters so we will invite local and foreign broadcasters to put in a bid,” added Manjit , the mastermind of JHA since 1984 who assumed the presidency on October 15.