Hockey: Junior Asia Cup looks towards 2021

There are strong indications that the Junior Asia Cup for men and women will be moved to next year.

In a brief hone call to Asian Hockey Federation Executive Secretary Dato Tayab Ikram, it was revealed that a decision to this effect is to be announced real soon.

The Junior Women Asia Cup was scheduled to be held in Japan in March while the Men’s Junior Asia Cup was scheduled to be held in Dhaka in June,

However both the tournaments were postponed due to the outbreak of Covid 19 that caused a world wide standstill for sports.

However no firm decision has been made as for another two tournaments – the Men’s Asian Champions Trophy ( was scheduled for Dhaka in November) and Women’s Champions Trophy ( Korea in June) .

“ The overall situation is not getting any better and a decision has to be made given we are already into August” admitted Dato Tayab.

“ So we are now looking towards possibilities to move the qualifiers for the Junior World Cup to next year as we still have time before the Junior World Cup is played.

“ As for the Asian Champions Trophy, we are still hopeful of holding them by December this year, once again depending on the overall situation with regards to the Covid 19 pandemic.”

While most countries have resumed Hockey activities domestically, cross border travel is still not permissible as many have the borders closed.

And this could be a set back to AHF as countries might not get the permission to travel from their governments.

Also the countries that have been listed as hosts could have reservations on going ahead as sponsors too are difficult to come by after this post Covid 19 pandemic.

It will therefore be good for AHF to sort out their direction and make a conclusive decision by August for the Junior Asia Cup and for the Champions Trophy to be moved to next year.