Hockey: Junior Asia Cup must be held by July 18, overage players eligible

The Junior Asia Cup for ken will matter st likely be either in the first two weeks of June or just after the Azlan Shah Cup.

In revealing this, Asian Hockey Federation Chief Executive Officer Dato Tayab Ikram said that the International Hockey Federation had provided a window until July 18 to AHF to hold the qualifier for the Asian teams to qualify for the Junior World Cup.

And there was good news for Malaysia as the FIH is allowing player who were initially deemed overaged to play as long as they only play in the extended date of July 18 but will not be eligible for the Junior World Cup.

“ It will really be up to the teams to decide their composition , that is play with players eligible for the qualifier or those who can play in the actual World Cup proper,” said Dato Tayab.

“ We have been given a window until July 18 and the AHF will initiate discussions with the hosts Bangladesh Hockey Association.

From the look of things the possible dates is either the first two weeks of

June and July.

“ A decision on this will be made known in a few days.”

The Junior Asia Cup has seen two postponements so far.

It was initially planned for June

2020 before being moved to January 2021.

However the Covid 19 pandemic forced both dates to be vacated.

In the possibility of another change of date, Dato Tayab said:

“ We need to be optimistic and plan ahead. So f course if there is a spike then we are left with no choice”

At least the teams can now plan ahead if they want to field teams layers who are not eligible for the

Junior World Cup in November or field players that are eligible all the way to the Junior World Cup.

A tough call really but the Sultan Johor

Cup becomes all the more important now for these teams as a platform to prepare for the Junior

World Cup.