Hockey: Manjit to helm Johor Hockey, A Pre Sukma tournament on the cards.

Johor Hockey Association has a new man at the helm.

Following the decision of former President and State Executive Councillor Mohd Khuzzan Abu Bakar to relinquish his post after the change of the Johor State Government, the Executive Board of Johor HA appointed its Deputy President Dato Majid Manjit Abdullah as the Acting President.

The Annual General meeting to elect a new President is likely to be held after the Hari Raya.

This is the second time that Dato Manjit is holding fort as President, the first was in 2018 following the resignation of the then President Dato Jai’s Sardey after the GE14.

“ With Johor Organising the Sukma, it is important for someone to hold responsibility,” said Manjit whose association with JHA dates back to 1984 when he was the Secretary.

“ This is a responsibility that I am all too ready to accept due to my love for the sport and the state of Johor.

“ We often start planning for the annual Sultan Johor Cup early and this year our dates are fixed for October 3-10.

“ We are inviting Germany, India, Australia, Japan, Great Britain besides Malaysia”

Manjit added that renovation work at the two Taman Daya Hockey Stadiums was progressing well ahead of the Sukma which commenced from July 11 to 19,

This is the first time since the 2009 Junior World Cup that extensive renovation work is being undertaken at the Stadium.

“ We are planning for a Pre Sukma Quadrangular for Men and Women in the middle of June, around the 18-21 actually,” added Dato Manjit.

“ Not only will this tournament give an opportunity to our officials involved in Sukma to use it as a dry run bit also provide an opportunity for teams invited to get used to the new playing surface.”

Among the teams that could be invited are Perak, Kuala Lumpur and Kedah.

Manjit added that the final decision to invite teams will be made in early May after the blanket ban on holding sports events is lifted.