Hockey: Muar boy makes good

In 1983, a frail looking teenage boy was making a name for himself running the grass track in Muar, Johor.

Manjit Singh then moved on to Malaysian Shipyard Engineering, often hitching a ride from his work colleague after his motorcycle was stolen.

He was then employed at Johor Baru City Council and he’s foray into his grew earnestly

He assumed the position of Secretary of Johor Hockey Association before climbing the ladder as a Vice President of Malaysian Hockey Federation.

And yesterday was his crowning glory as Dato Majid Manjit Abdullah, as known these days, was proclaimed as the President of the Johor Hockey Association.

A long journey, but perhaps not as physically challenging when he took the national hockey team in a gruelling 28 day playing tour of India in 1986.

“ Johor is a state with good coaches and talented players,, but we sadly have only won the Tun Razak Cup three times” said Dato Manjit in his opening address of the Johor Hockey Association in Persada Johor Baru.

“ Coaches like TC Sharma, the late Malek Khiew, the late Puran Singh, Balbir Singh, , Sarjit Sngh , Yahya Atan, Nasihin

Nuunli Megat Azrafiq , Lailin Abu Hassan amd Arul Selvaraj ,m are from Johor and have gone in to coach national side’ added Dato Manjit..

And is this kind of revival that Dato Manjit is looking at.

In his speech after the elections were held, Dato Manjit outlined the vision of JHA a lus their plans to make Johor Hockey great again.

Amongst others Dato Manjit revealed the following::

⁃ tentatively the 10th edition of the Sultan of Johor Cup has been scheduled for the 5th to 12 September. And I am happy to inform you all that four teams, namely India, Great Britain, Australia and Malaysia have confirmed participation. We are now looking at inviting either Belgium, Germany, Japan, Korea and New Zealand ti fill up the remaining two slots.

⁃ On the domestic front, we are planning to host a Pra Sukma event for boys and girls. We intend to host this in February and three other states will be invited.

⁃ One of the first events we look to pencil into our calendar is the revival of the Inter Distrust Tournaments.

⁃ And in addition we would request every district to hold a local league in their respective districts.

⁃ This local district leagues as well as Inter District tournaments could even be played in grass pitches as not everyone has an artificial pitch

⁃ A statement wide coaching and umpiring course will be conducted in the first six months to produce at least 150 qualified coaches Abd 60 umpires

⁃ Emphasis will be placed on Hockey 5’s as well as Indoor Hockey with at least two competitions of each held

⁃ An invitational quad angular named after our former President Dato Sulaiman will be hosted as an annual event.

While Dato Manjit is prepared to revert to tried and tested methods, it’s left to be see. If those at districts will follow suit.

The symposium in December to finalise the development program will be a key indicator,