Hockey: NS Development non existence

Those were the days when there was stiff competition to coach teams from Negeri Sembilan to national competitions.

Such was the competitiveness that it was often said that it was easier to get into the national set up then the state!

An array of high quality coaches was the showcase of hockey in the country,

Some may not have had the necessary paper qualification that coaches these days are proud off, but they had one ingredient that’s missing today – sheeter passion..

Today it’s all about cronyism and self price.

There is no accountability at all, one failure after another yet these coaches are appointed time and again.

Their argument , on a learning curve, not enough time to prepare team, we do not have the material and the best of all, we had no luck.

NS had a unique way of coach now, they never train but okay friendly matches only.

Those days it was a minimum of 14 days centralised training which was preceded by two days of trials.

Rain or shine , these coaches were there, following their training program that was drawn up months earlier and presented and approved to the coaching committee.

NS had their own home grown talent, that came through a very tough leave, both non dependent of 0 foreign labour” as the case is these last few years.

So why has NS failed to deliver it’d the defence is that they have a strong league and good development program?

Just look at the league, just how many play in the league who are past30 years of age?

Just look how many are from outside NS and do not meet the qualification of a local player?

Just how many teams are actually affiliates of NSHA?

Affiliation qualification is manipulated, those who are genuine are told they need to play in 3 consecutive years in domestic competitions – but is that ruling in the constitution?

Why deny affiliation? It all boils down to votes.

Imagine the principle office bearers are allied to vote, meaning anyone intention to contest against the current will be 8 votes down, before Election Day!

Fat chance of winning as there are 4 out of the 11 affiliates that are dormant for years but kept as they are clubs linked to two individuals – their vote bank.

Look at the current list – try finding former internationals , state players, hardly left out despite being in the corporate world.

Back to coaches, let’s take a step back and recognise some of them who were the backbone of NS success in those days.

K. Alagaratnqm, a tough task master who while friendly stomached no nonsense.

Lawrence van Huizen and Peter can Huizen, the tag team brothers who voices boomed arias the NS Padang.

William Fidelis, famous for his tag list me “ Christ on the bike”.

SK Paul, a school teacher who had unique coaching ability.

Harbhajan Singh ( Samurai) a disciplinarian that bore no nonsense.

V. Sivapathasundram – stern faced and bore no nonsense.

Tara Singh, moustached who emphasised on fitness and basic skills.

Michael Yan, friendly, but forward thinking who was un afraid to drop stars.

S. Choudry, one of those who was quiet but knew exactly what he was doing.

Clarence Sta Maria – the one eye Jack, jovial but reads a game well.

These are some of them who were well noted for their services in coaching.

There are so many others who played in role, Kon Chen Choong, Osbert Pinto, Ashvin Patel, BP Moorthie, Eddie Sta Maria, P. Ganesh, Azhar Epi, Brian Sta Maria, Rislan Mohamad , and the list goes on.

Talented players such as Surinder Singh, David and Mark Paul, Gary and Derek Fidelis, Adrian van Huizen, S. Suriadhandi, Suresh Lingam – all of who could have contributed immensely but slipped through the system of cronyism.

The secretary in a rebuke to my earlier article tried to be defensive.

He claimed that at present there are development programs, but really?

His coach had only Level 1 qualification while the minimum requirement for 1MAS was Level 3, only in exceptional circumstances Level 2,

We have a coach from another state who runs a self funded development program and gets no help from the stare body at all.

Another outstation coach is running the development program for KGV school.

So why do your own shy away Me. Secretary?

Simply put you have lost the plot and have no inkling what and how to do things.

And rather then ask, you opt to email instead those who genuinely wish to put NS Hockey back on track.

Had it jot been an open policy, NSHA would be standing way up there in the eyes of the world.

Sadly right now it operated under an illusion that when in our eyes it’s not broken , why fix it.

Yup truly not broken when in reality in tatters.

A note of thanks to the many who have called to voice their concern on the stare of affairs.

It’s a cartel, we cannot do anything in a body where democracy is lip sided.