Hockey: Razak Cup, plenty to review


For a tournament of this stature it was a competition of chaos.,

The fixtures were changed 5 times.

Although I had written and given options as to how to do a fair fixture in conforming with FIH regulations obviously it was not heeded but in the end the TD had to change the women second round to an open draw from the original fixtures.

Rather then accept constructive comments draw, an egoistic individual, who probably has lac or no knowledge on hockey in the first place, went on a barrage of insulting me at the managers meeting.

A frustration of not getting a chair perhaps.

Well carry on with your insults fir in the end it’s akin to spitting in the air.

Did it bother me? Not at all as I know hockey while you know hickey!

Such poor decision making process was so evident.

Kedah withdrew from the women’s competition two days before the tournament started and a redraw should have been conducted.

The grouping should be as follow:

Group A

Group B

Group C


Kuala Lumpur







Negeri Sembilan



Either the Competitions Committee or the TD did nit have the ability how to redo the fixtures or are not familiar with the rules regarding drawing up fixtures.

This resulted in Negeri women finishing 6th although they drew only one game and lost the rest of their matches!

It might have been some Newgate of a surprise to the Competitions Committee when the TD decided to do a draw for the women’s group X and Y as he must have felt the one given was unfair to the teams. Kudos to the TD.

But where were you at the Managers Meeting? That’s where you must taken decisive action and nit be led by hidden hands.

Hopefully it’s a lesson learnt and this may affect you in your quest to move up the ladder in future.

There was a mistake in the men fixtures as Group A was supposed to play 4th. in Group D. Very interesting as there were only 3 teams in Group A.

One wonders how this could have happened.

It is very surprising that umpires had no communicating sets.

Committee changes, sets go missing. This is not a kampong tournament or organization .

Was there no proper handing over of files and assets to the new committee?

The welfare of the umpires and Technical Officials was not taken care of.

They had to fork out their own money for parking as the hotel had no parking facilities.

Some of them were issued summons by the Local Authority.

Isn’t it the duty of the Umpires manager and TD to look into this?

The umpires and technical officials did not voice their grouses for fear of being blacklisted for future tournaments.

And this was evident as many senior officials were left out of the senior level tournament as it was time to show who was the boss.

The fact that in experienced TO’s were appointed stood out like a sore thumb as many at times umpires had to stop time to go to the Technical table and report that they were being abused by coaches from the sidelines.

The TO’s were only interested in the time keeping and substitution.

There were a lot  of abuses but no action was taken.

We have 6 TO’s who are on the FIH List and 12 on the AHF list but only 2 were appointed.

Why this happened ? Cos they were spotted have a cup of tea with me perhaps!

One thing was clear, my brother Jusvir us a clear victim of my writings.

You think by doing that it will intimidate me?

Remember even your voice note threat is still in the police files lah, and do what you want for if a finger nail breaks on me, someone will get into a heap f trouble.

Enough of this intimidation or blackmail tactics, start doing the correct things for the sport.

It’s all about the game, not individual ego. Never allow yourself to be used by those who only are thinking of self-enriching.

Where is the so called grading list prepared by the Competition Secretary or has it been classified under OSA?

There was a lack of security although there were no spectators allowed.

This was highlighted by Dato Megat in his statement to the press.

I had a few friends who just walked in and no one questioned them about the passes.

Some of the passes issued were abused blatantly .

I will not touch on the fixtures as that has been highlighted in my previous article.

It seems that there were drawn up by someone who had no Technical Knowledge and clearly favoured one particular team.

In any League, the last game of the teams were played at the same time.

It’s a pity that Sabah had to play 5 games in a row (20,21,22,23 and 24 September ) and the boys look tired at times.

Who is to blame for putting the players in such a situation?

The Sabah team manager did highlight this through the correct procedure but fell on deal ears..

Ironic as it maybe one state had a favourable fixture.

There was no need to do a draw for the men Quarter Finals as it is mentioned in Appendix 5 of the FIH Tournament Regulations.

It is an irony that they opted follow the FIH format for 9 to 12 placing but do not follow for the QF. Absurd but True.

My advice to all states is – please appoint team managers who have Technical background or at least they have to study the fixtures so that they are not on the losing end.

To those sitting on committees, remember to serve the sport not individuals.

And by the way, when in the Junior League starting?

Much fanfare earlier but all quiet now.

After all you need the MJHL, Indoor, U14, U16 and veterans to complete the season of leaving Jusvir out of appointments.

Only by doing so it will soothe your battered egos right.