Hockey:: Total wipeout

There will not be a national Under 14 or Under 16 this year fir boys and girls.

Though the national body has announced the cancellation of the boys and girls junior hockey league, only it was learnt that the Ministry of Education have given out guidelines that inter state travel for sports and extra curricular activities are prohibited.

“ We informed the national body a few days ago that we are adhering to the decision made by the National Security Council on border crossing ,” said MOE Director of Sports Division. Zainal Abas.

“ Thus effectively means those in schools are not permitted to participate in any sports activities beyond their borders.

“ As for the Indoor Hickey League, I wish to remind teams not to use the services of school children as this is against our policy.

“ This dulling is applied to all sports. “

This will surely put a dent on the Penang Sixes Junior Category.

With the MJHL, U14, U16 wiped out the calendar, it’s now left to be seen what the planning in for 2021.