Hockey ; Turmoil in Land Below The Wind

There is turmoil in Sabah Hockey.

For its AGM held in December last year has been annulled by the state Sports Commissioner.

And with that rightfully the committee that was in place prior to the AGM should be calling for the AGM to call for fresh elections.

But it turns out to be more murkier then earlier thought.

The Secretary of Sabah HA is an appointed position.

Thus upon receiving the letter from the Sports Commissioner, the President of Sabah HA ( the Committee before the December AGM) terminated the services of Aftar Singh as the Secretary via a letter dated 15th April.

Instead of complying with that directive, Avtar went on to call for a special meeting of the existing Sabah HA Council on April 20. The letter calling for the meeting was dated April 17.

And on the agenda was to reinstate Avtar as the Secretary until the AGM is held again.

In a letter dated 10 April, the Sports Commissioner outlined several flaws in the report submitted after the BGM as well as the Annual Report and directed that fresh elections be conducted.

The rightful president of Sabah Hockey Association, Dr. Charanjeet Singh said that putting things is the correct perspective and adhering to the contents of the Sports Commissioners directive was of paramount importance .

“ We are all here for the interest of Sabah Hockey and not self glory, I hope Avtar will respect rules and regulations and let the previous committee call for the AGM,” said Dr. Charanjeet.

“ It all will depend on the affiliates to determine who leads the association.

“ My stand is clear, Avtar is no longer a representative of Sabah HA and holds no locus standi in the Association

“ I have exercised my authority as provided for in the constitution.

“ We need to put this episode behind us and I am prepared to work with Dato Anil for the betterment of the sport.”

In the letter to terminate Avtar, Rule 5 (I) of the Sabah HA Constitution was quoted by Dr. Charanjeet who said that the ineffectiveness in which the Secretary conducted the proses of the BGM had brought disrepute to the state body.

However Avtar went ahead with the Special Council meeting and retained him as the Secretary until fresh elections are held.

The fundamental question now is who is the rightful person to send out the notice of meeting and agree on a date for the AGM so that Sabah HA will be back on track.