How Low Can One Go? The threat in print.

Since the deadline given to the individual who threatened me via a WhatsApp and voice note message expired on midnight Sunday, and with no apology in sight, as stated these are the messages received.

A word of caution though before you read it – for it may have expletive language not suitable for sports me and if readers who are either handicap or have family members or friends that are handicap, you might get irked by some remarks.

As so far as the police report that s concerned, it’s between me and the law, hence I cannot publish it, suffice to say that legal advice was sought before lodging it.

This matter could have been resolved with one simple message – a five letter word – sorry.

I have no intention to name the individual or the sport he is from, that I leave to you to infer.

It is sad though that such means are used to silence me, for I have had my share of critics, but we sit down and iron things out.

Well, here goes, and as I warned earlier, do not get shocked

“Tin kosong, sometimes I shy to say that you are Sikh because my religion never tell me to be a backstabber. Always talk face to face. I’m not xxxxx. You talk big but you block my number and my Facebook. I pray to God that I won’t see you face to face. If I see you I will give you a slap in front of everybody. And as a person, everyone know that I always keep my promises. I swear on my position now in xxxxx, if I see you I never slap you I will step down. Hope you always have a good Health if you meet me face to face. I hope you screenshot this and send this to whoever support you. So I can tell them you are coward, only talk in Facebook. I told you before when we first met, don’t touch my personal life. If you dare, I challenge you to stand in the next election, you talk big only but if during election you don’t dare to challenge. This is what you called you support xxxx Malaysia? Bullshit.”

The above was via a text message through the WhatsApp while below is the transcript of the voice note verbatim.

Places where xxxx appears is edited so as not to tarnish the person or sport.

“ Fuck you asshole, you are not Sikh lah. You are mungkin tiada guna punya pariah dari mana. Bengali, you think I don’t know where you stay ah? I will find you lah, don’t worry. I will see you fave to face and show you who am I. You think I am small boy right. Sudah lah cacat, mau mati, minta puji lagi”

I will address his allegation about blocking his number and FB – these are my private decisions as you cannot force me to communicate with anyone.

As for wanting to slap me, Go Agra’s, by all means you can try, for God decides if it actually happens.

I will continue to write the truth, that is my resolve,

And if sine cannot take it, then go look at why it was written and ask – what did I do wrong and do I deserve the accolades.

If I am as defined a “ tin kosong” then rightfully go ask the tempayan!

Now judge for yourselves readers what sports has become.

I rest my case, the doors are open for the slap, as are my cheeks for God walks alongside the truth.

Invoking religion was a stupid act, for questioning my faith shows that he fails to understand Sikhism where we do not insult handicaps.

Take care all, for the readers are my strength .

And truth plus honesty will walk by my sides as this journey continues on the path of transparency and good governance.