Well looking at what is happening within the badminton fraternity, the Badminton Association of Malaysia is willing to stoop very very low and are master tacticians of diversion.

Just look at see how they divert the attentions of the Malaysians in regards to the poor achievements of our players in Europe and play a major role in trying to remove the Presidentof the Badminton Asia Confederation.

Dato Nadzmi Salleh is one of the signatories of the motion of no confidence against the BAC President, but was there a BAM Council or EXCO Meeting held to endorse such a motion?

If there was none, then why claim that the BAC President acts arbitrarily as you have done the same?

And why is it that Nadzmi is now using the international forum to prolong his tiff with ex BAM Secretary Ganga Rao?

The real reason behind all this is the fact that Ganga and the BAC President are supporting Paul Erik Hoyer Larsen in the battle for the BWF Presidency and this has put the Malaysia way back in the pecking order.

If it is hurting that people are working against you, will ever heard the phrase, you reap what you sow.

Four years ago Nadzmi and gang ensured that Dato Seri Andrew Kam did not win the BWF Presidency by not only nominating a Korean, but also went out in vengeance to campaign against a fellow Malaysian. Is that not treachery to the nation?

And today when the odds are stacked against Nadzmi, the two henchmen of his has come out with a grand plan – sort of a reverse take over, by creating a vacancy in BAC so that Nadzmi can then withdraw from the BWF race and take over BAC on a silver platter, thus denying the country of a chance yet again to get control of BWF.